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Track your shipments worldwide,

instantly, on a single platform.

Magasin de montres

Do not lose your valuables anymore and be notified of any abnormal events instantly.


UERA smart-contracts automate processes with your subcontractors.


UERA brings transparency to transactions, and provides you with end-to-end visibility.

Adding Solutions to Your Supply Chain

From quality transport to transport quality.

Add sources of information to monitor on your different types of valuables.


When transporting objects sensitive to humidity, select modules that allow you to trace and alert you to significant differences in humidity.

Reduce your lost baggage to zero.

The number 1 fear of travelers is to lose baggage. 40 bags are misplaced every minute around the world, and 2% to 3% of those bags are definitively lost.


UERA harmonizes all existing baggage management actors, to never lose baggage again.

Build the supply chain of your imagination.

UERA is a technologically agnostic platform, allowing you to connect and build the supply chain of your desires. Modify it, transform it, test new ideas at any moment, and at no cost.

Personalize your supply chain to your industry and understand your market, like never before.

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