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Our Solution

From Supply-Chain
To Smart-Supply-Chain


UERA is a decentralized IT solution (based on blockchain), so it is resilient in the face of cyberattacks. It allows data to be stored in multiple data centers and shares information flows instantly, transparently and securely.


IoT, 5G, RFID, biometrics, and all the technologies available in the market can interconnect to your supply chain. Get more of the information you need.


UERA aggregates, secures and shares tailor-made information flows regardless of the origin of the data. Expeditions are placed at the center of the organization and information is shared with stakeholders.


UERA AI, is a predictive tool that analyzes and defines risky behaviors. The analysis models offer the best choices based on the available scenarios. Ex: Sending X packages on a given day of the week to such a destination = risk of 3-day delivery delay due to unfavorable weather.


The smart-contracts function of the UERA platform optimizes administrative processes by automating them. Technologies such as IoT (Internet Of Things) activate transactions as soon as the conditions are right.


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